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Most desired Holiday destinations around the world


After analysing thousands of travel ideas of various people interested in travel destinations, scorching through thousands of posts on various social media channels like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, Airbnb in partnership with Pinterest were able to determine the world’s most famous and desired holiday destinations.
The research report of the best holiday destinations have found that the searches for travel locations is up by 37% from the last December, and the searches for the economic travel destinations was skyrocketed by 300% since the inception of the year.
You might also find interesting the locations that people are interested in as their holiday travel destinations. The searches for Ireland have gone up by 365% from January and also the searches for Scotland has risen by 430%.


● Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt 

Sharm El Sheikh located in Egypt is the most popular destination according to the research made by Airbnb and Pinterest. According to their findings, it is revealed that there are more number willing to travel to this particular location than the people travelling to the United States on any particular day, from all the countries in across the world.

● Tenerife, Canary Islands 

Located off of West Africa, Tenerife is one of the most beautiful Canary Islands in the whole world. The region Tenerife has a celebration called Carnaval de Santa Cruz, which is a pre-lent festival that is filled with parades, music, colourful costumes and also dance performances.

● Courchevel, France 

This is the third most desired holiday destination in the world, which is located in France. Courchevel is a French Alps skiing resort that is most visited by many people from all around the world, particularly in the summer season to escape from the scorching heats of summer. It is also one of the largest linked skiing resorts in the world.

● Scottish Highlands 

Situated in Northwest highlands of Scotland, these Scottish Highlands are famous for the mountainous ranges of the whole area with Loch Ness being in the centre. Several people from many parts of the world visit this location every year particularly in the summer and winter seasons to enjoy the scenic beauties engulfed in this region.

● Reykjavik, Iceland 

Located on the coast of the Iceland, this is the country’s largest and capital city of the Iceland. The city is also the home for several tourist locations in the area such as National and Saga museums that hold the valuable history of Vikings in the place. The city is also home for the rotating Perlan glass dome that offers to the viewers an excellent view of the sea and the nearby hills.

● Kyoto, Japan 

Kyoto is a city that is located on the island of Honshu in the Japanese nation. The city is particularly famous for several of classical Buddhist temples and also for scenic gardens and tremendously built imperial places. The tourists that visit this city also visit historic places of the Japanese nation such as Shinto Shrines, and also traditional wooden houses.